The tips of repairing a single phase asynchronous motor

One-phase asynchronous motors are widely used in everyday life such as water pumps, washing machines, grinders, fans, drilling machines. Asynchronous single phase as air compressor used to inflatable bike bike, car wash after car wash …. Therefore, maintenance and repair needs are very large. In this article, we will guide you to know the phenomenon, causes and solutions to some common problems occurring in capacitor-initiated 1-phase induction motors.

The First Situation: Single phase motor running slow. There is a buzzing sound, the current is rising.

– Reason :
+ Due to being arrested
+ Internal collapse a few loops
– repair method:
+ Tighten the machine, adjust the rotor, check bearings, bearings or replace bearings or bearings.
+ Check wires with gronha, if wires are internally folded, then wrap the wires.

The 2nd Case: Use the rotary engine to start the engine.
– Reason:
+ Due to capacitor leakage, the capacitor’s parameters are changed
+ Do not adjust the balance
– repair method:
+ Replacement of new capacitors
+ Calibration

The 3rd Case. Turn on the power, the engine emits unusual noise.
– Reason:
+ Because the bearing is pitted
+ Because the bearings are driven to the ground, causing a mechanical collision
– repair method:
+ Replace new ball bearings.

The 4th Case: The work unit is often broken when rewinding the stretcher.
– Reason:
+ Threaded loop error (reduce the number of turns) as the voltage placed on the capacitor is greater than the rated voltage of the capacitor
+ Replacement capacitors have smaller capacitance, so the voltage set on the capacitor is greater than the capacitor’s rated voltage
– repair method:
+ Rewind
+ Replace appropriate capacitors

5. Engine cushioning
– Reason
+ Since the insulation between the coil and steel core is broken, wrap the other wire
+ Check and repair the cords touching the casing
– repair method:
+ If the insulation between the coil and steel core is broken, wrap the other wire
+ Check and repair the cords touching the casing

6. Power to the motor does not rotate, the rotor is tilted sideways to one side, vibration motor is very strong.
– Reason:
+ Because bearings or silver too dirty
+ The cover is deflected, the rotor is not center
– repair method:
+ Replace bearings or new bearings
+ Tighten the lid, adjust the rotor

Some issues to note:
– To ensure the safety and durability of the engine, customers should maintain periodically, the engine in a dry, cool. Do not leave the engine in high humidity.
– When rewinding the engine should pay attention to the quality of the winding, the number of rings, wire section … to avoid loss of engine power.
– When detecting the motor is abnormal, the first thing to disconnect the power out of the engine, then use the test wire to touch the casing or not? Depending on the actual situation and specific conditions you can use other measures (electrical testers …) to check but must ensure the implementation of safety measures.

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