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Magnetron For Microwave Oven and Its problems

Magnetron For Microwave Oven be damaged is one of the main reasons causing the microwave does not heat

Microwave not heat is one of the diseases typically found when using the oven. This problem will affect your cooking process makes you presume feel uncomfortable and frustrating.

Why microwave leading to this situation is caused by the microwave oven operate with high power or heat the food in a maximum way in a long time. That led to fuse in the furnace off and doing choMagnetron For Microwave Oven (broadcast) is damaged causing the process to heat the food does not get done.

Microwave does not heat sink up during use is also a cause leading to this damage. With the following tutorial hope you can check your microwave well-prepared and got right was the disease of the furnace to replace or call workman to change without fear spend too much money.

So the Magnetron For Microwave Oven (viba)?
This is the important part directly influence the process heats the food of the microwave. Magnetron For Microwave Oven or bulbs illuminating device is directly doing the process heat and create waves to do nine food.

Raw nhânMagnetron For Microwave Oven (bulb) microwave gets hot-break
A few major led light bulbs microwave-viba damaged your home is because during use:

Use maximum power to heat food over a long period of use.
Microwave overheat, causing the fuse tớiMagnetron influence For definitive Microwave Oven gets hot-break.
Used in long time no sanitary oven makes the oven not heat sink.

When you have defined đượcMagnetron For Microwave Oven was disrupted, damaged then the next job you should check xemMagnetron For Microwave Oven is truly damaged and need replacing?

How to check the Magnetron For Microwave Oven (viba)
The bulb does not light not heat or light that failed heat function, you need to check out immediately. Why, when you check out and identify the damaged bulb then repairs very easy. If not damaged bulb that is due to some other cause, then you will be wasting your time and effort too much for this.

So you should be done properly and correctly the following way to be able to check exactly whether the Magnetron For Microwave Oven is broken or not?

Step 1: use a multimeter to check the clock
Use the multimeter clock to know the correct convergence and củaMagnetron circuits For Microwave Oven-his bulbs have enough operating capacity or not? In general it is an indispensable device when checking the microwave.

The main structure of the microwave’s transformer secondary voltage, isolation of this transformer you should measure is 1000V. That includes secondary windings 1 snowman with a diode or diode high voltage (diode microwave relay) move into the electricity going through DC before and after that is go through 1 capacitor. This capacitor has the value clause 1 mF with the measured voltage is 2000V.

Check the index before the coming new bulb broadcast (Magnetron For Microwave Oven) microwave.

Turn the clock in the form of “X 1”, if you are not professional people need to speak too much on this.

Use the wire measured, measured on 2 legs of Magnetron For Microwave Oven if the clock has become newspaper of coil is also good. Also if clock on “0”, you can define the địnhMagnetron For Microwave Oven is broken.

If the bulb the microwave also reported back then we screw up kim next 10 k. Use a needle to measure the foot ball-needle rest measuring on the ball: If you see the clock run the ball leaking electricity, if the value of “0” then the ball a la kim is still good.

Step 2: check the capacitor of high pressure microwave (transformers)-lamps-Magnewtron is corrupted or not?

Magnewtron: electronic Lights two electrodes in which the electrons to the positive pole is controlled by magnetic fields and electricity from orthogonal to each other to create high frequency electric power is used as the vibrations in the air and waves for viba radiation radar

The next job is you should check the high voltage capacitors and transformers microwave have burnt or dead yet, look at the lights “Magnewtron” are broken or not, the implementation process is as follows:

First measure the electrical resistance of the heart-burning lamp. Burning heart lamp voltage of about 2.8-3V. If still then check fuses high pressure connection from high-voltage windings with capacitor (if available).
If all good luck, then lights out, check two toroidal magnet stick has been cracked or not? If the magnet is then required to replace the new lamp.
Step 3: replace and repair
Once you’ve determined the exact cause of your microwave causing the broken doMagnetron is Belgian For Microwave Oven, high voltage capacitors, Magnewtron, transformers … … then waiting without repair and replacement right away.

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