The difference between gasoline and oil generators

Generators with two types of gasoline engines and diesel engines are the most used equipment on the market today. But when fuel prices are high, it makes it difficult for users to choose the right product. This article will help you evaluate two generators:

Currently, the market sells a variety of generators with two main engines are gasoline engines and diesel engines, causing many buyers to wonder when the fuel situation is increasing. Therefore, many people are interested in buying a motor generator that is both economical and efficient. Here are a few comparison ideas for buyers to refer to:

– Gasoline generators use a mixture of air and air, compressing and burning the mixture with a spark. The diesel engine only needs air, then injected with compressed air. The heat of air compresses the fuel lamp naturally.
– A gasoline engine at a ratio of 8: 1 to 12: 1, while a diesel engine compressed at a high 14: 1 ratio is 25: 1. Higher compression ratio of diesel engine Resulting in better performance.

– For diesel engines, air and fuel are transferred to the engine at different stages. In contrast to a petrol engine, where the mixture of air and gas is mixed at the same time. The fuel is injected into the diesel engine by using a nozzle, while the gasoline engine is carburetor. In gasoline generators, fuel and air are put into motion with each other, and then compressed. The air and fuel mixture limits the fuel to poor compression, and therefore the overall efficiency is not high.

Many people still question whether to buy a diesel generator when there are many cheaper gasoline generators on the market. In addition, many people often have questions comparing other equipment such as home use air conditioning. What kind of air conditioning is good and actually saves electricity is also a question of great interest. The writer himself is also thoroughly researched on this issue.

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