Switchboard (pt1): Concept and classification

Cabinet is a device used to store (electrical) devices such as switches, bridges, transformers, transformers … in the works, factories …. Usually rectangular or square, depending on location and purpose.

Switchboard are an indispensable part of any industrial or civil project, from power plants to transformer stations, distributed transmission systems to power consumers and controllers, And where to connect, distribute electricity to the works, ensure the isolation of the network equipment with the user during the operation.

Types of basic electrical Switchboard for works:

Inside a mid-range switchboard

1. Main distribution cabinet for building (MSB)

– The main distribution cabinet is made in accordance with IEC 60439. The cabinet is made of galvanized steel and powder coated. Other parts such as the electric cabinet cover, the side and the back of the cabinet can be easily removed to facilitate the user in the installation and maintenance work.

– Arranging the equipment inside the cabinet can meet the needs of each customer from the cabinet. Switchboard are designed for use in the home to distribute power to high capacity loads with the advantage of modular design placed side by side to form a distributed power distribution system including entrance, And prevent distribution.

2. Central control cabinet

– Central control Switchboard can be provided both types:

+ Fixed type

+ Type is not fixed (can pull pull back)

– The devices used inside the cabinet include soft starters, inverters, direct starters, star / triangular starters, transformer starters and protection devices, programmable Control and display.

– Frame and cap are made from galvanized steel and finished with powder coating. Cabinet control and protection of industrial engines, irrigation …. Electric Switchboard have the following mechanism:

+ Operate on site or remote to turn off, reverse rotation for the engine.

+ Operate on site or remote to change engine speed.

3. Switchboard switch – ATS

Switchboard are used in places where the load demanded continuous power supply, to supply power to the load when the incident on the source of the grid is commonly used as a backup power source is the generator. In the case of ATS cabinets, the task is to automatically convert the power supply from the grid to the standby power supply to the power supply to the operating load.

– Rated voltage: 380V / 415V

– Rated current: 1600A / 2000A / 2500A / 3200A / 6300A

– Switching time: 5 ~ 10s

3. Distribution Switchboard (DB cabinets)

– The cabinet is designed for use in workshops, factories or for the distribution of electricity to a floor in a building. Therefore, distribution Switchboard are compact, highly aesthetic, safe and convenient to operate.

– Our DB Switchboard are designed to facilitate the selection for use in the building. This cabinet is divided into blue, red, yellow, this will make the installation easy, convenient as well as the maintenance and repair later.

4. Fire Extinguishers

– Voltage supply 3P-380V

– Signal phase light

– Measure the current, voltage

– Report loss phase

– Standard IP20 – IP54

– Swichboard’s thickness is 2mm, powder coated

5. Lighting control cabinet

– Size depends on the principle diagram will have a suitable design.

– Standard IP20 – IP54

– Cabinet thickness 2mm, powder coated

– Combined with the time relay is set to turn on, turn off the lighting equipment for a predetermined amount of time.

6. Compensator closet

– Switchboard used to compensate the load for the load in the workshop production line, the large commercial side, the capacity of up to 600 kVAR. Method of adjusting compensation and protection capacitors meet the requirements of customers.

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