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Some problems of rice cooker and how to fix it

When mentioned about the electric rice cookers, it is certain that in each of us we are not too familiar with the convenience that it offers. With rice cookers you and your family will quickly have delicious meals after a stressful working day.
The convenience that rice cookers bring is undeniable, but if used in the long run often causes trouble or spoil cooking is not as delicious as when purchased.

Today I’d like to introduce you some common diseases when using rice cooker and experience repair rice cooker at home for your reference. From there, you can learn from it yourself or you can fix it yourself if you are unlucky.
The first mistake is also the problem that most customers encounter most is not to power.

Electric rice cooker does not enter the electricity:

The first thing is to check the power cord when the rice cooker does not come into the electricity

– Cause of the above situation: The plug may be damaged, due to poor contact between wire and rice cooker or broken fuse. This means that when you plug in the power source but the rice cooker is not hot. Now do not worry or calmly check the trip switch has two NC and NO contactors to see if there is a problem. If these two points are not exposed then electricity is not in the pot.
– How to handle the problem: The rice cooker has a connecting piece between the plug and the pot near the bottom of the pot. This unit is designed to be attached to a fuse. If you plug in the rice cooker without the light, you should firmly plug in the connector, try replacing one end of the other cord, as the plug may be damaged. If the source is still not received, the fuse may be burnt.
Bring your pot directly to the nearest service center or qualified personnel to be replaced and repaired.
Another incident that Daiichi wanted to mention is that it automatically bounces when the rice is not ripe.

Automatic cookers light up when cooked rice is not cooked:

– Cook was pressed but after a few minutes, the boiling water was leaked to warm mode to make the rice alive.
– Cause: It is possible that the thermal relay of the rice cooker is disconnected too early or the bottom of the pot curved heat to contact is not enough. It is also possible that the tray is dirty, spilled and not cleaned, leading to the reason that the rice is alive. Some electronic rice cooker products also have safety functions if you do not cover the lid of the pot during cooking, the pot also will not receive the lamp.
– The simplest way to handle and fix:
– First you should check and clean the heat tray. If the pot still meets this condition you check the thermal relay, as the relay can be too old so the pot is disconnected prematurely. You just need to replace the new rice cooker is functioning normally. In case of curved bottom of the pot, you must replace the other cage.

Relays on rice cooker daiichi.vn

The relay on the rice cooker

Cook rice burnt on the bottom of the pot, even cough

This is probably the most common mistake customers make when using your pot, especially when your pot is too old or after a long period of use.
– Cause: Due to the thermal relay is delayed, so that cooking mode is too long so the rice is burned or cured.
– Another reason is that in the process of using you to clean the pot of pot with hard materials, accidentally make the anti-adhesive layer of the pot is lost, resulting in rice stuck to the bottom of the pot causing burning. .
– Treatment: You recheck the thermal relay and replace the new relay so that the pot will work as normal.
When cleaning the pot completely you should not use sharp objects to rub, use a soft cloth to clean, ensure your pot is always protected in the safest way.

Note when cleaning rice cooker daiichi.vn

Note when cleaning the rice cooker

One of the last common problems with using an electric rice cooker is the power plug but without the indicator light:

When the power is on but the indicator light is not lit.

– First, be careful to check that your power plug is secure, if you have ensured that electricity is passing through, you will continue to check the break points of the power cord, the headlamp, the power cord. Overload phenomenon?
– Usually if the power supply is not lit, it may be that your home cooker has broken the fuse. If you break the fuse from the power source, there is a fuse that is usually hidden in a tube. You just need to catch the pot.
– If the phenomenon you checked failed, please contact the nearest Genuine Warranty Center for replacement and replacement parts.

Absolutely, you should not repair yourself if you do not have the expertise, avoid having the pot become worse.

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