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How to repair your family’s electric fan yourself

In the hot weather, your family fan suddenly stops working because of malfunction in some parts? Instead of having to call an electrician, you can easily repair some of the damaged parts yourself, as most electrical fans on the market are technically quite similar.

You can easily find some spare parts and accessories to replace or repair the fan. The price of these parts is sold very cheap, full type, makes it easy to choose. However, it is necessary to identify the fan in any part to choose the parts and components accordingly.

– If the speaker cord of the fan is broken, cut, you should replace with a good kind of the famous brands, although expensive than normal but durable and safe to use. The plug should be a good choice for Thailand because it has a wire clip that keeps it out of the way, safe for the user.

– When the fan switch is broken or not open definitively, you should use the WD40 spray bottle, push the dirt away, then release the switch several times so that the slider is light, and will do. Clean rust on the screws on the interface.

– The timer, if not used for a long time, the screw surface is rusty, you should turn back several times so that the two screws are hit together, the probability of good electrical contact back.

– Silver brass and rotary axis when worn will cause the shaft to contact with it also worn, so we must change both. With silver brass, you should always buy a coil quartz, because if you do not save much instead. With rotary axles, we buy other trees of the same size, using old hammers to remove old plants; Before removing, measure and remember the length from the axle to the top of the rotor block (usually 11cm), then insert the new plant.

Install new plastic washers if the old one is crushed (very cheap: 3,000 VND a bag of several dozen). Before installing the complete rotor into the stator, remember to spill some of the sewing machine grease onto the ball bearings on both ends of the clamping plate, otherwise the shaft may be jammed.

– Winding coils when burnt, we should change another roll, from 16,000 to 22,000 depending on the basis of wire or foreign production. At the time of installation, be sure to pay attention to the wires mounted on the front or back (as per the footnote).

– The gear due to the gear made of plastic should soon be brittle, broken, you buy a new and grease lubrication into the gear. With the use of AC motors for navigation, good buys and attention, the reason for the failure of this unit is due to the support shaft to the entire upper part of the fan friction with the plastic barrel, when the fan movement. Make jump gear of the navigation or fire AC motor. Therefore, we should put lubricant on this axis.

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