How to make a wind generators

The world’s electricity prices are rising, but the demand for electricity is high. Nowadays, according to the media, many areas still have no electricity. This is why this article will guide you how to create a mini-generator powered by wind. Moreover, this is a topic that students are very interested in and refer to to graduate projects. In this document, the author will guide you as well as provide you with useful information so that you can make a successful wind generator.

Here are the steps to make a wind generator:
1. Stator molds for wind generators
Stator is rolled by 9 equal coils spaced evenly spaced and connected in three phases according to star pattern. Once finished, the copper coils will be placed in the mold and the glue will be poured. The diameter of the stator is about 35-39cm depending on the magnet. Is rounded in between 14 cm. We need to make a mold of plywood. However, you do not necessarily follow the best you can customize the engine. We use 3 logs of the same size as in the figure. The plate in between you use 1.2 mm thick plywood and the bottom plate and the plate above you should use thicker and harder wood.
What you need to make a mold is wood mdf screwdriver saws …. in general you sure know how to get.

You cut a square sheet of 40 cm edge to form the bottom of the mold.

This is the stator molding after the finish.
2. How to wrap the coil
Stator is the most important part of the wind turbine. It contains all the coils to generate electricity when magnets pass through. The reason we call stator is because this part is fixed in the generator. With this machine you will have to roll in the form of three-phase generator and stator with 9 windings. Each of the three windings follows each other in a star-shaped connection. Once finished, you will use the mold to cast the block. Mold castings make the wire ropes firmly and to the size of the machine.

The winding depends on the voltages of the generator system. To be fair, if we cut a pair of strings we would reduce the number of rings by half. The voltage is closely related to the number of turns. If doubling the number of loops will give you double voltages. But the size and weight of the coil should be the same. With a 12v generator, we need very thick wire. But if the wire is too thick, it will be very difficult, so we will roll up two fibers.
Type 12v, we use two pairs of twines per 1.1mm and scroll from 80 to 100 loops
The 48v uses a 1.1mm thread and rolls 150-160 rounds.

3. Mechanical mechanical parts of the wind generator

Body of wind generator

To make this we need to cut, weld the steel pipe. If you are not familiar with this then you need to do it or simply ask the mechanic to do it. If you do it yourself should be careful and careful! Because cutting iron is very dangerous.

4. Assemble the rotor into the generator

Propeller is also an important part of the wind power plant. It is a piece of wind energy that turns a turbine to convert it into electrical energy.
You use the type of wood is best because it is resistant to rain and wind. Prepare 3 slats of 4 cm thick, 20 cm wide and 1.5 meter long.

5. Rotor magnets of wind generators

After completing the mechanical part, we are preparing to make rotary disk roto. We need two magnet plates to make the rotor for the generator. Each disk will be attached with 12 magnets, the magnets are divided equally spaced. For the best performance you must use rare earth magnets (can use the magnets behind the old hard drive).

6. Assembly of wind generators

Wind generator assembly

7. Rectifier for 3-phase wind generator
Because our generators are three-phase, we need to use a rectifier to convert a new phase into a charged one.
So you have finished the rectifier. This circuit can withstand 100A current.
The article provides only basic steps for wind generators. On how to detail step by step, we will introduce you to readers as we receive your comments and sharing.


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