The importance of the load capacity of the outlet

The power of the sockets and especially the sockets are variable and can only be determined by the total capacity of the electrical appliances connected to the mains through the switches. Wired there. The load capacity of the switches is important to the user as it is directly related to human safety as well as to the electrical system. However, there are very few people who are interested and aware of the indicator.

The load capacity of the socket does not determine the number of connectors

Extremely long-lasting switches can be equipped with 2, 3 to 8 different sockets, but the number of connections does not affect the load capacity of the socket. That means a lot of sockets have only 2 or 3 connectors but have a very high load capacity of up to 3000W whereas extended sockets have up to 6 or even 8 connectors. Load capacity is quite modest.

The reason is that depending on the needs of us the long socket with many connectors for use only for electrical appliances such as electric fans, table lamps, phone chargers … is the The great choice is that these devices are small but have a small capacity so their total power is usually less than 1000W, but the switch has only 2 or 3 connectors but is used for devices such as heaters. , Irons, or hair dryers, of course, must have a high load capacity.

Load capacity determines the size of the conductor of the outlet

The higher the load capacity, the larger the wires of the socket should be to ensure the load capacity of the device. Because in the process of use if the conductor is small size and heavy load will cause the wires to heat up from which can cause fire or break the wire, in addition to more dangerous may cause short-circuit or fire system. Or sockets damage electrical appliances, electrical systems and cause unsafety to the user

Choosing the right power cord for cost savings

Depending on their needs, choose a wired socket with appropriate load capacity, because if used only for small-capacity power units, the wired outlet will have a high load capacity. Wasteful, usually the wired socket with the load capacity will be higher the cost will be higher.

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