About Us

Welcome to CloudTW.net!

I am the founder of CloudTW, an experienced electrical systems engineer with a background in renowned corporations such as Sanyo Electronics and LG. Over the years, I have accumulated extensive knowledge and hands-on experience in building and maintaining electrical systems in various manufacturing facilities.

At CloudTW, my passion lies in sharing insights into electrical construction and the expertise I have gained from working with industrial power systems. I believe that knowledge should be shared to foster growth and innovation in the field.

In addition to providing valuable information about electrical systems, I have created this website to delve into emerging technologies, with a particular focus on cloud computing. Cloud computing has become an unstoppable trend, and I am determined to ensure that no one is left behind by sharing the latest advancements and practical applications.

Join me on CloudTW.net, where we explore the world of electrical systems, exchange knowledge, and embrace the transformative power of cloud computing. Together, we can unlock new possibilities and pave the way for a brighter future.

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