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The unique applications of LEDs in life

LEDs were born in the 1960s and now have been used extensively in many areas of social life. With many advantages such as longevity, health benefits, super light, super power saving … LEDs have brought great benefits for mankind. The following are the applications that demonstrate its superiority.

1. LED lights are used in interior decoration
Led lights are commonly used in interior decoration. The colorful lights of Led lights are designed to suit the mood and suit the space of each room.
Living room lights
Led lights are used in the bedroom
Black leds decorate the garden
The sparkling beauty of the garden is decorated with Led lights
2. Led lights are used to decorate office buildings
Although the initial installation cost of LEDs is higher than other lamps, the energy savings and the durability of LEDs are more than cost so many places around the world have plans to replace them. LED lights.
Publicis Tower is located on the world’s most beautiful boulevard, formerly a bar, a restaurant, cinema, and a drugstore. In 2014, Publicis is illuminated by 17,000 LEDs.
The tower is covered in glass with 17,000 led lights. The beauty of the tower is lit up with 17,000 LED lights in Paris.
3. Led lights used in traffic
In traffic, LED technology is superior in meeting the criteria of energy saving, beauty, control and environmental protection.
A typical operation in our country is the lighting system of Dragon Bridge in Da Nang with Philips Led
The Dragon Bridge is illuminated by Philips Led lights
In the United States, if 50% of the current lighting is replaced by LED lighting, the United States is still illuminated as such but less than 41 GW.
A typical project is the Led Lighting for the 40-year-old Hardbrucke bridge of Zurich – Switzerland. This is also the largest Led lighting project ever held in this country with the best living environment in the world. Philips has applied Koffer2 lights to illuminate the bridge and 1,750 sets of Ledline2 lights to illuminate the 2.3km section beneath the bridge.
LEDs used in traffic lights
Led lights are used as street lights
4. Led lights used in medicine
Skin rejuvenation: LEDs use a wavelength of light-yellow, with low intensity, which produces a series of pulsed light beams specially programmed to stimulate natural rejuvenation. The use of optical modulation technology to modulate the increase or decrease in the activity of living cells stimulates the body to produce collagen and elastin underneath.
Leds used in medicine
Led lights are used in the treatment and skin care rooms
Jaundice: Neonatal jaundice – one of the most common conditions in newborns. Incandescent Led Lamps provide enough light needed to remove the yellowish pigmentation in the blood of patients suffering from excess yellow-pigmentation. This is one of the simplest and safest measures to treat this disease.
Applied leds in facial treatments
Acne treatment: With wavelengths appropriate, the leds generate a low intensity burst of light beam, programmed specifically to deeply impact the mesoderm of the skin, stimulate collagen and elastin growth, promote too Anti-dermatitis, skin healing and regulating reduces skin irritation.
5. Led lights used in advertising
The variety of colors of LED lamps has made the advertising signs to grow with the variety of genres as well as style.

Led lights are also used in many other fields such as agriculture, fishery, audio-visual equipment, fashion, ….
LEDs are applied in fashion
Led lights are used in fashion designs

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