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List of Error code for washing machines and how to fix them


The list below is a summary of washing machine errors in 3 different manufacturers. When the screen displays these types of error codes, you will be able to determine the error condition that the machine is appearing in order to call a technician.

1. Sanyo Washing Machine Error Code Table:
E1: Problems with water.
E2: Water does not drain.
E2: Water should not be rinsed out due to defective valves, damaged exhaust valves or blocked exhaust valves.
EA: Broken water level sensor or line break from float to board.
EC: Failure sensor for water level or line damage from buoy to board
E1: Water is not loaded.
RA: Broken floats.
U3: The machine is not balanced.
U4: Door switch.
U4: Incident from switch to circuit board.
U5: cover open when child lock mode.
UA: Buoy.
UC: Door switch.
UE: No load, breaker motor.

2. LG Washing Machine Error Code:
DE: Errors on open doors, purple wires connected to board, buoys, magnetic sensors.
FE: Water overflow error.
IE: No water.
LE: lock motor.
OE: Flushing fault.
UE: bald feather, board, float.
CE: source, motor.
PE: Pressure sensor Float.
£ E: Error thermistor.
AE: (auto off) automatically turns off the role, power switch, blue wire connected to the board.
E3: washing chamber and engine sensor, cuaro.
OF: (overflood) overflow error.
DHE: (dry heat) Motor fan drying, hot head.

3. Toshiba Washing Machine Error Code:
E1: Flushing fault.
E2: Safety lock error (door switch).
E3: The laundry is unevenly distributed inside the laundry cage.
E3: The laundry is deflected, the cage is loose, the balance ring is open, the clutch is loose, the door switch loses the spring (due to the ratcheting screw) breaks the switch wire, jam safety lever. .
E4: Buoy.
E5: Water supply failure.
E6: Motor clutch, too much gear, low water level, clutch pedal, clutch pedal.
Ec1: Overloaded or insufficient water.
Ec3: Overloaded or insufficient water.
Ec5: Overloaded or insufficient water.
Ec6: Overloaded or insufficient water.
F: Wash dishes or water.
E7: Motorcycle jam, too many things, low water level, clutch pedal, sanso truc clutch.
E7-1: Memory overflow, programmable: press the water level, timer, flush, power on simultaneously.pipe pip piping unplug the power and about 1 minute pin back works well.
E7-4: Error counting words.
E8: jammed washing machine, too many things, low water level, clutch shaft, sanso clutch.
E9: leaking water, perforated cage, communal valve, senso trap, broken water, do not forget to check the wires.

4. Electrolux washing machine error code table and how to solve the problem

Below is a list of the basic defect codes of the Electrolux Washing Machine

Error code E1: Water not supplied to washing machine

– The pipe may not be connected to the tap, or it may fall out

– Your water supply may have malfunction, water pipes are blocked or damaged

How to check and fix:

– You check and re-open water chiffon.

– Clean valve, water pipe.

Error code E2: Unusual water level, unstable


– The water level in the machine may overflow or water level is not required

How to check and fix:

– You press the Power button to turn the machine back to normal

Error code E3: The machine is delayed or not squeezed after squeezing


– The machine may be opened during washing, drying, or squeezing

How to check and fix

– You check and close the lid carefully.

Error code E5: Exhaust pipe does not discharge water


– The drain can be set too high

– The exhaust pipe is damaged or clogged

How to check and fix:

– Check the exhaust and then open and close the lid of the washing machine to normal operation

Error code E4: Electrolux washing machine vibrates at the time of squeezing, unbalanced


– You may close the washing machine door is not well

– It is also possible that the machine is unbalanced to the ground

– Clothes are unbalanced in the laundry cage

How to check and fix:

– Adjust the balance with the ground

– You arrange your laundry in a well-balanced cage

Error code E7: Electrolux machine is not working


– When the machine is in “Child Safety” mode the lid is not closed properly, the machine will stop working

How to check and fix:

– You should check and close the lid carefully

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