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Experience of Induciton Hob repairing

With empirical experience, we found that hot hob Induction was one of the most common errors in Induction hob incidents. Those who are inexperienced technicians will find it very embarrassing to see this case. The reason for this disease or the headache of workers because most of the on the circuit is no unusual phenomenon. If only a simple observation and testing of the basic components, most young technicians will surrender and give up this overly complicated disease.

The signs of this disease are easily recognizable through the process of observing the stove with a special tool for the electroplate. After turning on the power and selecting the cooking mode, the stove still has no signs of a fault, the fan is still running and all warning lights are still in good condition … but we wait forever without hot water. on. Some types of expression are lighter as the pot only slightly warm, not hot pot to the required temperature … also make many housewives feel very upset. We also encountered the kitchen is very strange expression is the phenomenon of delay, at no time or pot only hot when the pot lift the glass a certain distance …. In general In the case of Induction hob errors are not hot but the power supply is normal, the causes are usually due to the causes mentioned in the section below.

The Reason
1) The operating voltage is too low

      In each hdu Induction there is a circuit that recognizes the source voltage value. When we use the stove with unstable power supply, the voltage value is too small to protect the circuit causing the interruption of the oscillating power on the power block. When the power block is inactive, the Induction hob will not heat any cauldron. Power circuits include copper plate carriers, IGBTs and diode bridges. They are the most valuable components in an induction hob. The voltage is too small to block the power blocks so they can not convert electricity into heat.

2) 5uF source filter is too weak

      After a long period of hard work, the electronic cooker will also have to aging the components inside it. One of the oldest, most damaged components in hdu Induction is the 5uF source filter capacitor that is directly connected to the two terminals of the diode bridge. When the power block in Induction hob is active, the power fed to the magnetic disc tray is stored by the 5uF source filter. As the capacitor’s capacitor value decreases, the power supplied to the power block is inadequate, resulting in inductance hob which can not boil water.
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3) IGBT shells are broken.

Usually when IGBT death will burn the fuse or if your home is too sensitive aptomat, aptomat will jump immediately when plugging the Induction hob into the socket. In some special cases IGBT die in the form of circuit break (CE cut), Induction hob has no special expression except not receiving pot leads to hot pot. Remember that IGBT is one of the most important components of Induction hob. IGBT fires will cause oscillation in the wires leading to no variable magnetic fields to heat the pot.

Fixing the hot electromagnetic cooker is one of the most complex diseases of the hob Induction because there are many reasons for this. Be calm, carefully observe the electronic components inside the circuit board for abnormal signs. In the repair of hot hob Induction, attention should be paid to the 5uF capacitor, the power supply voltage, the IGBT clamshell and some large value resistors that respond to the microprocessor voltage feedback. When fixing Induction hob is not too hot, you can contact me for advice. Good luck

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