Some types of special switches that you may not know yet

In addition to the common switches used for switching off electrical appliances used in electrical systems, there are several types of electrical switches used for special purposes and control of even particular electrical equipment. Is an electrical system, here we will go together to find out.

1. Heavy load switch
Used mainly to control large capacity appliances such as hot water cylinders, electromagnetic cookers, refrigerators, etc. Large load-carrying switches are an alternative to conventional CBs because of their design. Compact, suitable for interior space easily placed wall with the same as the resistance against overvoltage, anti-short circuit. Typically, the switches usually have the name of the product it controls. For example, the switches used for the water heater usually have the words “water heater” and on the switch there are usually lights. Alarm off makes it easy for the user to find switches in the dark as well as whether they are turned on or not

2. Rotary knob switch
These switches are usually mounted on the wall and connected to lighting fixtures or electric fan products … they are used to switch on and off the light intensity or rotational speed of the motor. The electricity here is electric fan. Normally, these switches have a relatively simple operating principle. When turning the dial counterclockwise will power the electrical devices, continue to rotate in such a way that the intensity of the light or the speed of the motion. The muscle will increase gradually; otherwise, if you want to reduce the user just turn the knob counterclockwise (counterclockwise).

The advantage of these knob switches is the flexibility of controlling the device to the needs of the user, regardless of the pre-installed level as on the gearbox. For the simplest example, if you use a gearbox in the ceiling fan control you can have five wind level options on the gearbox, but in case you turn on the fan at 3, it is not cool enough. To the number 4 again cold cold, now with the knob turn knob you only need to skillfully turn knob to the necessary position how to feel the wind speed of the fan is suitable for their needs are.

3. Clock switch

Another common name is the timer switch, which is mainly used to control the operation of large electrical systems such as cooling systems, sprinkler systems, lighting systems, and shoulders. Important role in agricultural production, industry …
The timer switch is capable of shutting down the system accurately and fully automatically according to the pre-set timelines, which have a large load capacity, very small tolerances and long service life.

4. Card switch

Surely this switch is no stranger to the doctors anymore, especially to any doctor who visits the hotel or motel, also acts as a general cb, is tasked to shut down the power of a room, the public The card is composed of a card slot and a magnetic card, the user only needs the magnetic card in the system power outlet in the room will be closed, the opposite when the card is removed from the system slot will be disconnected, However, with most current magnetic card switches, the system will be disconnected after a period of 15 seconds.

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