How to choose the right generator for use

In order to buy a home electric generator, The first thing you have to determine your electricity needs and build your electricity consumption. There are two ways. Here’re the details

– If using lights, fans: should choose civil generators about 1KW (can use other equipment such as rice cookers) to meet the need for power outages.
– If the family runs the air conditioner, the elevator depends on the air conditioning capacity to determine the power consumption
-Power generators have two power specifications:
When selecting a machine under case 1 (ie using only essential household items), choose long working capacity (working capacity).
When choosing the machine under case 2 (ie, in addition to essential items, air conditioners, pumps, etc.), choose the maximum capacity (to ensure the opening of the machine allows.
Example: 9000BTU air conditioner with a capacity of 850W, select the generator with a maximum capacity of about (2.5-3) * 850W = 2.2KW – 2.6kW is OK.
– The transmitter has another important parameter to choose from: Noise: select a noise level <70dB.
But it is important that you do not buy expensive items that choose imports in sync. You can choose to buy generators of HYUNDAI, ELEMAX, HONDA have components and materials that cost good quality, quality assurance. If you are the main company, you certainly do not buy a machine labeled 2.7kW but actually only 2.0KW.
We also added on the numbers on the generator: Often the machine will record this KVA normally multiplied by the new KW coefficient, which coefficient is always less than 1, usually 0.6 -0.8, depending What kind of load In some stores, sellers do not know the source, origin they import KVA and KW, while supplies only count W or KW.
In addition, non-genuine civil generators usually print KVA or KW more than their actual capacity. Floating goods on the market even stamping on the body 1.5 times.
We advise consumers: buy small machines just run fans, lighting and TV only, not necessarily run the air conditioning for economic reasons and noise.
3. Which generator to buy?
If financial capacity allows, you should choose the generator of the company’s names such as ELEMAX, HONDA, If your finances are moderate, you can refer to the price of HYUNDAI, KAMA. Generators are costly (both initial and maintenance-related), complex and only recoverable money over the years, if a little hamper can be costly later. If financial constraints can not be bought, you should buy a so-called “electric jug” – from the battery to 220V. There are cheap, medium, expensive. A good electric generator is also not cheap, but at least the operating costs are still lower than diesel generators and will last for proper battery maintenance. How to calculate transmitter power
Power Consumption = Transmitter Power * Power Factor = 0.8. Do not believe the 0.95 mark on the transmitter – this is the ideal power factor when the transmitter is running with a resistive load (shade Lights, heaters …); Actually the power factor is much smaller because the home load is inductive load.
Power to use: plus the power of all devices that want to run simultaneously at the same time. Transmitter Capacity = Power Consumption / Power Factor Always: Transmitter Power> Power Consumption ( Never equal or smaller, will overload transmitter).
If you want to be safe then the transmitter capacity has to be charged an additional 1.2 times.
4. Some note when buying.
– When there is a need to buy a home electric generator, you need to list in detail the electrical equipment you need to use, to determine the total power consumption and then calculate the generator capacity to buy.
– In order to increase the life and durability of generators, buyers should choose to buy generators with a capacity of between 10% and 25% higher than the actual power consumption.
– When choosing a home electric generator, customers should pay attention to choose products with warranty and clear origin.
– When purchasing generator for elevator must have technical specifications to choose the right machine.
– When operating, generators should be placed in a well-ventilated position, not damp.
– Do not place the generator in the house when operating to avoid gas poisoning.
– When installing the machine, it is necessary to connect the equipment to use directly with the power of the transmitter. As such, it is possible to limit the amount of load that does not exceed the capacity of the machine, to avoid the overload that leads to burning the generator. At the same time, it is necessary to install a power inverter or automatic transfer switch (ATS), to avoid the machine “gas” when the power back suddenly.
– Should buy household electric generators have long continuous operation time, because the power outage in our country normally from a few hours to half a day.
Another issue that is of concern is that generators often cause loud noises, affecting families with young children and the surrounding area. There are some types of ultra-good anti-noisy system to overcome this situation, you should pay attention to choose to buy.

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