Something you should know to become a M&E designer

M & E is the acronym of the Mechanical & Electrical. Today, the designing of the M & E was understood to be the engineers working in the areas of design, construction, consulting … for public housing, residential condominiums, and the parts of complex, but essentially this is a very broad field.

To become a good M&E designer,you’re not only be a master of theoretical knowledge, you also must exchange the experience during your working, You are not stop learning the construction techniques of the experienced workers as well as operating organization of the upper your level.

We can learn the system overview M & E are as follows

The M & E system is divided into four main categories:

1. Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC)

2. Water supply and sanitation (Plumbing & Sanitary, referred to as P & S)

3. Electrical (Electrical)

4. Fire alarm & Fire fighting system.

In 4 categories on the Electrical parts constitute about 40-60% of the volume of the E & M section (depending on each project, maybe even up to 70.80%).
About Your part, we can be divided into the following parts:

Heavy power include:

1. Main power supply: The main power supply system consists of medium voltage switchgear, medium voltage switchgear, 24kV / 0.4kV transformer and main switchboard (MSB, main switch board). There may be additional (Automatic Voltage Regulator System (AVR)

2. Distribution Cabinets: Submain power supply (including power supply for motors, manufacturing, lighting, sockets …)

3. Lighting system: Lighting

4. System socket: Socket outlet

5. Incident lighting system: Emergency lighting (emergency lights)

6. Grounding system: Earthing system (or grounding system)

7. Lightning protection system (including grounding posts and lightning collecting needles, other grounding systems)

Light electricity

1. Lan and Internet: Data network system

2. Phone system: Telephone system

Security Monitoring System: Security & Supervisor system.

4. PA (public address system) ….

To become a professional design engineer, we need to keep in mind some of these extremely important points:

– If you want to specialize in design, then theoretical knowledge in school is quite important. You need to equip yourself with knowledge of different international electrical standards. There are specialized design companies in Europe, some companies use standard Australian, American standard, then many companies also use Vietnam standards. So you need to read more about these different standards systems.

– Practical experience is one of the most important things. So we need to spend a few months at least 1 year out on the job site to learn more about the real world experience.

– In the design companies, they have electrical engineer electrical design, and HVAC HVAC engineer, and sometimes there are separate engineers of water supply and drainage, fire protection … You need to know some basic knowledge about the Other than electrical. If you do not have the basics, just paint your own electrical items without having to worry about collisions with other items. Your design will be hamstrung, even partially monotonous.

For good design, it is important to read the good design before entering the profession. Want to design well, first learn how to read well the design of others. Reading, analyzing, memorizing, drawing experience, you reinforce a certain knowledge.

– M & E design is quite dry, not as creative as the architectural, construction, interior … M & E requires meticulous and disciplined. Fundamental design principles must be respected. So you need to for discipline yourself and work in accordance with principles, hours and hours.

– Plus, it’s about teamwork, teamwork that makes it united to move up the ladder.

– M & E design work is hard work, but also very interesting, because it will equip each person in addition to professional experience, also equipped with additional skills in the game. Live such like communication, for example!

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