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How to calculate the cross-section of the power conductor

The investment in the construction and upgrading of infrastructure, housing in the recently increasing. The development and upgrading of electrical systems in buildings, major systems, civil is the need to increase the practical needs.

However, to ensure the technical safety standards for the use of electricity and save on the cost of the investment is the problem many people interested.

In the electrical system, the lead level is very important. Calculate the suitable wire cross-section selection is a lot of interest, not just safety, save investment costs but also reduce the power loss of transmission, power-saving for users as well as the electricity sector.

“Calculate the cross section of wire” is required, if using a wire cross-section is smaller than allowed will lead to the phenomenon of cable always in overload, hot wire, prolonged will lead to brittle wire insulation melts, causing a short circuit, the system burning off the wire, the losses on major lines.

If the wire cross-section too large will cause waste of investment money, the construction process will be affected much to digital fine art house.

We would like to offer a few guidelines selected cross-section of the wire as follows:
-Select the wire cross-section as calculated (according to formulas)
-Select the cross section cable according to standard rules
– Select the conductor cross-section according to the experience of using
For power, can apply the simple selection as follows:
-Wire cross-section computer choose 6A/1mm2
-Calculate the total capacity used (both use the room to expand later) before selecting for the source of supply lines.
-Should use 70% power allowed (for example: 1mm2 to withstand the line 6A, we only use equipment of equivalent capacity 4A).

For power 220V, calculated as follows:
The total capacity of the equipment used in the family is 5kW (theoretically by manufacturers announced) calculated as follows:
-Electric current of It = P/U = 5000/220 = 22.7 A
-Then select the cross-section line S = 22.7/6 = 3.78 mm2
-We should choose the wire cross-section is 4mm2
-To ensure redundant (each using requests) we choose S = 1.75 x 3.78 = 6,666 mm2. so we should choose a wire with 6mm2 to reserve the ability to add (to the extent allowed for each House) as the main source of supply lines.
– For power supply cord branches each go floors, the rooms in the House depending on the level of use of mobile gadget layout that we choose as follows: divide the floor load Select the cross-section 4mm2, socket for the power supply cord 2, 5mm2, select lighting line select 1-1, 5mm2.

To be precise, select properties should calculate capacity details before selecting guarantees optimum.

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