SAS: innovation deserves a dedicated content hub

You know: innovation is an art. And this is why LAI – Leading the Art of Innovation was born, the place to test curiosity and transform questions into innovation, with data and analytics at the center

For SAS, the champion of analytics, curiosity is the spark of innovation. Asking questions, always being curious is the way to turn new ideas into opportunities that make the difference. This is why LAI – Leading the Art of Innovationwas born, the completely digital SAS content hub that aims to accompany you to adopt an approach of continuous discovery, to always ask yourself questions to stimulate your creativity and follow the path of innovation.

LAI, explains a note, is dedicated to managers, teachers, entrepreneurs, data scientists and all those who see in data the answer to their questions, whether they are business or not. There is content for curious minds and innovative spirits. New technologies, business evolution, stories and inspirations told by managers, experts, thought leaders and innovators, social innovation initiatives dedicated to finding creative ways to accelerate global progress and lead the world towards a more sustainable future and much more.

“Forus, curiosity is the basis of innovation. Asking the right questions means turning new ideas into opportunities that make a difference, contaminating to bring new value, developing new ways of thinking, learning and acting. It is an extraordinary historical moment for innovation and with LAI – Leading the Art of Innovation we want to nurture this transformation. We are ready to start a new chapter, putting curiosity at the center of our way of being. We are ready to chart the path to the new and rediscover the art of driving change, “comments Tonia Calvio, Regional Marketing Director at SAS. The concept of the content hub LAI – Leading the Art of Innovation is based on four fundamental pillars.

First, the perennial tension to change and innovation that SAS brings and that companies increasingly need in order to be able to stay effectively on the market; in second place is the vision according to which innovation is not only made up of numbers and specific activities, but is a real attitude, a culture that must be nourished and facilitated; moreover, the strategic importance of data in the path that every company takes towards growth. Data, and their analysis, are sources of information and value capable of driving business innovation; and finally the art necessary to drive change, only the right questions, curiosity, the desire to change, to better understand the phenomena, to progress can lead to change.

And there are always four sections that will guide in the main thematic areas: About Analytics:to be always updated on innovative technologies and solutions and deepen the trends that drive the future. News and resources to immerse yourself in the theme of analytics and AI, discover the latest tools and identify the new possibilities that are hidden in the world of data; Innovation Sparks: the section dedicated to the stories of managers and professionals always looking for answers and new ways of looking at business. Testimonials of inspiration on different sectors, useful to face work challenges with an innovative approach; What’s Hot:The hottest topics in the world of data. The world of analytics, beyond ordinary boundaries; and finally Education & Future:innovation meets the curious minds of young people: initiatives, training courses and educational programs.

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