Nuova Sabatini: 600 million for productive investments by companies

The Beni strumentali measure (“Nuova Sabatini”) is the facility made available by the Ministry of Economic Development with the aim of facilitating access to credit for companies and increasing the competitiveness of the country’s production system.

The Council of Ministers refinanced for a total of 600 million the”Nuova Sabatini”, the law aimed at supporting productive investments of small and medium-sized enterprises for the purchase of capital goods.

The rule provides that for applications submitted before 1 January 2021, for which at least the first portion of the contribution has already been paid to the beneficiary SMEs, the Ministry may proceed to disburse the subsequent contribution shares.

The measure also aims to equalize the treatment of the companies benefiting from the “Nuova Sabatini”, allowing theaccelerated disbursement of the remaining contribution shares in favor of all SMEs, regardless of the date of submission of the application and the amount of the loan.

A company, tight EBA hits 165 billion liquidity households and businesses

Report of the Study Center of the association: European rules have limited the extension of moratoriums on 136 billion euros of mortgages and loans and eliminate encroachments on loans for 29 billion.

The new rules of theEuropean Banking Authority, in force since last January, could have a negative impact, in Italy, on a liquidity for companies and families of about 165 billion euros, a figure close to the sums allocated to our country by the European Union, with the Recovery Fund. The EBA crackdown, in detail, has limited the extension on the moratoriums for bank loans, which amount to 136 billion, and, moreover, by prohibiting the “red” of current account and encroachments, “zero” all encroachments on loans that are equal to more than 29 billion. A total of more than 7 million businesses and households are involved.

This is what emerges from a report by the Unimpresa Study Center that analyzed the effect, on the Italian market, of the new European banking regulation on bank credit and on the management of bad loans.

“Overall, the EBA rules represent a threat of over 165 billion euros, a figure not far from what Italy is preparing to receive from the EU with the Recovery Fund. We missed a great opportunity: it would have been useful to try to correct or postpone these absurd European credit rules, which have been accepted with a passive attitude by almost all the political forces of our country. With some adjustments, we would have given breathing space to companies and citizens and, at the same time, we could have in fact doubled the financial firepower to relaunch the Italian economy, more than 350 billion euros”, commented the vice president of Unimpresa, Salvo Politino.

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