Confcommercio: companies and self-employed still in difficulty

Confcommercio: “Compared to February 2020, the number of people engaged in the production process is still 735 thousand units lower”.

“The gradual recovery in employment levels continued in May. The pace at which this process is proceeding is, however, decidedly insufficient to suggest, in the short term, an approach to pre-crisis levels. Compared to February 2020, the number of people engaged in the production process is still 735 thousand units lower. Much of this lower employment is among the self-employed (-427 thousand units on February 2020), a segment that continues to show a downward trend in recent months. These data confirm the state of extreme difficulty that many companies, especially smaller ones, and self-employment are still experiencing. More generally, compared to the highs of April 2019, the labor force has lost about one million units, a sign that compared to pre-crisis levels, the Italian economy is far from turning at full speed”.

This was written by theResearch Office of Confcommercio in a note commenting on Istat data on employment in Italy.

User cases: Pierucci Agricoltura becomes smart with Zerynth

Sensors, cloud and IoT logic for a project that has allowed the remote management of crops in the nursery

The use of new technologies promises to bring concrete and immediate benefits to the agricultural sector. Several projects already implemented have in fact shown – literally “in the field” – that new approaches, especially those related to sensors and the Internet of Things, enable Smart Agriculture applications that help farms produce better. And with an indispensable attention to sustainability. In this context, the project carried out by Pierucci Agricoltura, aTuscan company specialized in the supply of fertilizers and other technical means for agriculture and nursery, and Zerynthis worth mentioning.

The latter has put in place Nurset, an IoT system to record and monitor in real time the cultivation of plants in the nursery, which has been integrated into the Pierucci Agriculture system, allowing the farm to double the growth of crops, save 20% of water used for irrigation, reduce on-site monitoring operations by 30%.

Through sensors installed in the technical compartments, the Nurset system designed by Zerynth has allowed Pierucci Agricoltura to remotely detect information on plant health (humidity level, salinity, substrate temperature and irrigation time), on the performance of the irrigation system (water consumption and pressure, absorbed power, fertilizer level) and on environmental conditions (temperature, wind speed and direction).

The collected data is stored and processed in the cloud, always accessible via a personalized dashboard. A real-time alarm systemhas been implemented, with alerts via email or SMS. The solution also allows remote and/or automatic control of electromechanical devices for irrigation and fertilization. The project – explains Emanuele Pierucci, CEO of Pierucci Agricoltura – has achieved its objectives in less than six months, bringing among other things a new revenue stream for the company.

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