B2C cross-border e-commerce: from 1 July 2021 the OSS and IOSS VAT regimes are operational

Operators will be able to send contributions to the Revenue Agency until July 12th.

News coming soon for Italian and foreign companies that sell their products in the EU to final consumers and / or assimilated, through the use of their own or third-party electronic interfaces. From 1 July, in fact, the simplified VAT identification regime of the one-stop shop (MOSS) will be expanded to include distance sales and services rendered to EU final consumers.

In particular, two new VAT regimesbecome operational: IOSS (Import One Stop Shop), for sales to final consumers of goods imported from third countries in shipments with a value not exceeding 150 euros and OSS (One Stop Shop), for distance sales of goods shipped from a Member State and to final consumers from another EU Member State and for the supply of services to final consumers subject to VAT in the Member State of consumption.

With the Provision of the Director of the Revenue Agency, the last piece of this new centralized and digital European system for the fulfillment of VAT is defined, for e-commerce and distance selling operations, identifying the offices and activities related to the two new special VAT regimes, IOSS and OSS, essential for the fulfillment of the obligations of declaration and payment of the tax due.

The tax authorities welcome contributions and answer the questions Given the relevance of the novelty and the usefulness of acquiring the point of view of the operators, it will be possible to send written contributions, by next July 12, to the following email box: [email protected]

. The contributions received will be discussed in the context of a webinar to be held approximately on Thursday 22 July (morning) in ways that will be communicated later. The possibility of sending questions to the [email protected] box remains unattended, which replaces, starting from 1 July, the box [email protected]

What are the two new OSS and IOSS regimes The OSS/IOSS regimes, while remaining optional for taxable persons, introduce a European system for fulfilling the obligations of declaration and payment of VAT centralized and digital that, in fact, it expands the scope of the MOSS (Mini One Stop Shop) to distance sales and the provision of services rendered to end consumers, overcoming, at the same time, some critical issues. Today’s measure therefore completes the so-called “e-commerce package”, a set of provisions that provide for a centralized and digital European VAT system, which includes – in addition to electronic, telecommunications and teleradio-broadcasting services already covered by the MOSS regime – intra-Community distance supplies of goods, distance sales of goods imported from third territories or third countries, domestic supplies of goods facilitated by platforms and supplies of services by taxable persons not established within the European Union or by taxable persons established within the European Union but not in the Member State of consumption. The benefits for stakeholders

Companies that sell goods and provide services to final consumers throughout the EU, through electronic interfaces, will be able to benefit from the following advantages: having only the Italian VAT number, for all eligible supplies of goods and services to buyers located in all the other 26 Member States; declare VAT in Italy, through a single electronic declaration and make a single payment of the VAT due on all supplies of goods and services; interface with the Italian Revenue Agency alone, even if sales take place throughout the EU.

Info-point on the Revenue website The telematic features that allow taxable persons, residents and non-residents who intend to join the special OSS and IOSS schemes, to register, as well as further information on the individual schemes, are available from 1 April 2021 on the www.agenziaentrate.gov.it website, within the sections: OSS optional regime and IOSS optional regime.

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